Sound Sample
Andreas Hinterseher’s accordion is not what it may appear, an antique instrument, but was newly developed in 2005 from Victoria Accordions (

It unifies several notable features of existing models:
The body is completely made of maple, conferring its wonderful soft, elegant, but nevertheless strong sound.
The keyboard is somewhat condensed, but sufficient to reach high cis’’’’ and down to the low one and at 10.6 kg it is almost a lightweight for an instrument of this size.
Another special feature is the reconstruction of an old and almost obsolete left hand system: The instrument has a quint converter with which one can reach very distant cords, as with a bandoneon, which is absolutely impossible with standard converter instruments.

The instrument has four sets of reeds, the tone of the tremolo is completely flat so that the 8’ reed is also outside cassotto and its combinations serve for timbre.

For his accordion and the vibrandoneon Andreas Hinterseher uses the Rumberger sound pick-up system ( with wireless transmission of the signal to the PA.

A small microphone is fitted in the bass; its cable goes through the bellow to the transducer on the body, which is equipped with five transducers to evenly record the sound.
Besides its volume regulation, the sound pick-up also has a left/right equaliser specially set for the accordion.

As far as he is concerned, the Rumberger pick-up system is perfect: Absolutely free of reverberation, very low key noise, absolutely natural sound pick-up and inconspicuous.

And Stefan Rumberger also tunes Andreas Hinterseher’s instruments once a year and rectifies any damage.